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worldwidewendland is a communication strategy and account planning consultancy with a base in Berlin and projects all over the world.

Our approach is to bridge the gap between the stringency of strategic management analysis with the creative spirit of idea generation.

We work with a small list of blue chip marketers who need to manage their brands and communicate with people across the globe. We also work with communication firms, such as advertising or design agencies.


At worldwidewendland, we believe that each client is unique and that each situation is different. That’s why we don’t have any standard models or tools.
It’s the attitude with which we approach problems that makes the biggest difference:

• We believe in creating new market space.
Rather than trying to out-force competitors in a crowded marketplace, it often makes sense to generate an offer that redefines the market and forces your competition to change. Why play by the rules if you can bend them?

• We believe in the primacy of the big idea.
Behind great brands, there is a great idea. In order to stand out today, it is necessary to stand for something, not for everything. Do you want to be a brand that inspires people or do you want to be part of the wallpaper?

• We believe in conversations, not orders.
If markets are conversations, then marketing presents your chance to have one. All too often, companies focus on making an offer, but are then afraid to engage with customers. Would you like to have your cell contract canceled because you have been calling the customer hotline too often?

• We believe in telling stories.
One way of thinking about a brand is as a mass of associations, images – and stories. The more interesting and relevant these stories are, the more engaging the brand. Which brand do you have more to say about: Innocent smoothies or Nestea?

• We believe in innovation.
Part of the joy that comes from a long relationship with a brand is about being continually surprised and discovering new things. A brand must change or it will go stale over time.


SMART Disrupting the disadvantage of an inadequately tiny car

LUFTHANSA A good airline is a matter of perspective

KIA Business Case for the introduction of a 7 year warranty in a 3 year warranty European market to improve quality perception

COCA COLA Increasing appeal of Coca-Cola Light to a male audience in Latin America

P&S A nonsensical brand for the highly intelligent smoker